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Dubai city tour - New & Old Dubai sightseeing tour

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"Immerse Yourself in Dubai's Wonders: Unveil History, Culture, and Modern Marvels with ABC Tours' Dubai City Exploration"

"Embark on a Dubai Discovery: Experience the Mystique and Grandeur with ABC Tours' Dubai City Tour"
  • What`s included

    • Tours of Dubai is done by a Professional guide
    • In our Dubai sighting tour pickup and drop-off from centrally located hotels in Dubai
    • Culture and heritage place Dubai - Boat ride across the Dubai creek during the tour
    • Entry to the age old Fahidi Fort transformed Dubai Museum
    • Ancient cooling systems - wind towers
    • “BASTAKIYA” - the city of Dubai
    • Walk through the famous Dubai Gold Market (“Souk”)
    • Walk through the famous Dubai Spice Market (“Souk”)
    • Drive along and photo of the Palm Island the eighth wonder of the world
    • Photo-stop at the most beautiful attraction connecting the Dubai metro – The Atlantis,
    • Gulf of Arabia - Jumeirah Beach photo-stop
    • Photo-stop “BURJ AL ARAB” the 7-star hotel in the world
    • Blue Waters (Dubai Ain)
    • The tourist attractive areas of the Dubai Marina
    • Blue Mosque - Mosque of Jumeirah in the Modern Dubai
    • Photo-stop at the world tallest tower - the “BURJ KHALIFA”
    • The skyscrapers along the Sheikh Zayed Road,
    • Downtown area of Dubai – Mini Manhattan of Dubai
    • The iconic symbol to visualise the Old & New Dubai - The “DUBAI FRAME”
    • The official residence of the ruler of Dubai – “THE ZABEEL PALACE”
    • 01 bottle 500ml mineral water

    What`s excluded

    • Food and drinks
    • Entry inside “BURJ AL ARAB”
    • Entry at the top” BURJ KHALIFA”
    • Entry Dubai Frame
    • Entry inside Atlantis the palm
    • Entry to ski Dubai
    • INDIVIDUAL GUEST PICKUP: - If the booking is for one person the guest will be requested to come to close by common pick up hotel which will be one of the centrally located hotels. If the guest request to have pick up from the hotel of their stay will be charged USD 10 per person and they can pay locally. This is only applicable for those guests staying at centrally located hotels. However, if there is more than one booking from the same hotel, we will pick up from the same hotel. The agency does not accept any claim or compensation in this regard.


    "Immerse Yourself in Dubai's Wonders: Unveil History, Culture, and Modern Marvels with ABC Tours' Dubai City Exploration"

    "Embark on a Dubai Discovery: Experience the Mystique and Grandeur with ABC Tours' Dubai City Tour"
  • Itinerary

    "Embark on a Dubai Discovery: Experience the Mystique and Grandeur with ABC Tours' Dubai City Tour" Understand brief details about all what you want to know about Emirates Dubai : -

    Embark on an unforgettable journey through Dubai, the Arabian business capital and a cornerstone of the UAE since 1971. Spanning 4,241 square kilometers, Dubai boasts a warm climate, stunning blue waters, pristine sandy beaches, and world-class safety standards that have charmed tourists worldwide. With over 80% of its population hailing from 110 different countries, Dubai is a true global melting pot. As of the 2019 census, the city's population stands at 3,355,900, with a unique gender ratio of 1 female to 2 males.

    Dubai, a bustling metropolis, thrives on its role as the UAE's commercial hub. Our expert guides, part of the comprehensive 6-hour ABC Tours experience, will enlighten you on all these captivating aspects.

    Our Dubai city tour is meticulously designed to offer a perfect blend of Old Dubai's historical charm and the modern marvels of New Dubai. The tour kicks off in the morning with convenient pickups from centrally located Dubai hotels. Immerse yourself in an informative journey that recounts the discovery of oil and Dubai's remarkable evolution into a global high-tech hub. Our excursion introduces tourists to cultural insights and the latest tourist attractions.

    Step back in time during our traditional Dubai tour, exploring the Al Fahidi historical district and Bastakiya area. Witness the birthplace of Dubai's economic growth, including the iconic Barjeel wind towers and the transformed Al Fahidi Fort, now the Dubai Museum. Sail the Dubai Creek aboard a traditional abra boat and immerse yourself in the bustling Dubai Gold Market (gold souk). This market is integral to the traditional Dubai experience, offering insights into the best places to buy gold. Wander through narrow lanes of the spice souk, where fragrant spices, saffron, dates, camel milk chocolate, and souvenirs await.

    Transition to Dubai's contemporary marvels, starting with the grand Dubai Frame, the world's largest frame structure. Capture a photo of the majestic Zabeel Palace, the residence of Dubai's ruler, followed by the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower. Witness the impressive skyscrapers lining Sheikh Zayed Road. Another highlight is the distinctive Burj Al Arab, the world's only 7-star hotel, standing boldly on its man-made island. Visit the Jumeirah Mosque, an essential cultural activity, and explore the Blue Mosque in Dubai (Al Farooq Omar bin Al Khattab Mosque), reminiscent of its Istanbul namesake.

    Our journey leads to the enchanting Palm Islands and a photo stop at the Atlantis resort, showcasing Dubai's modern wonders. Drive along the mesmerizing Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach, revealing the eighth wonder of the world: the Palm Islands. The captivating Blue Waters and the Dubai Eye, the latest attractions, await your exploration.

    After this captivating Dubai tour, you will be comfortably returned to your hotel, enriched by the experience and memories of Dubai's multifaceted allure."


    1. Which are the best experiences city tours in Dubai?

    The glitzy top tourist attractions in Dubai included on our Dubai city sightseeing tour is indeed a feast for your eyes. Some of the best experiences for city tours in Dubai are:

    2. Which are the best tourist sites | attractions to see in Dubai?

    See the major cultural sites of Dubai -, Diving village, Souk Al Kabeer, Heritage village, Shindaga, Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood, Al Fahidi Fort – the Dubai Museum, The Gold and Spice market. Read more of cultural tour of Dubai.

    The major modern tourist attractions in Dubai – Dubai Frame, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, The Palm Islands, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Walk, Blue waters, Dubai Ain. Read more of modern Dubai tour

    3. Where is Blue Water island located in Dubai?

    Blue Water island in Dubai is located at the end of Jumeirah beach residence (JBR)

    4. Where is the Dubai Ain or Dubai eye located?

    The Dubai Ain referred to as the Dubai giant wheel or Dubai eye is located at the Blue waters.

    5. What is the height of Dubai eye?

    The Dubai eye or Dubai Ain is 250mts tallest giant wheel in the world breaking the record of 167m High Roller in Las Vegas and 135mts London Eye.

    6. Can Palm Island be seen from the Dubai eye or the Dubai Ain.

    Yes, the Palm island can be seen from the Dubai eye

    7.Where is Jumeirah public beach and do we need to pay any entry fees?

    Jumeirah public beach or the Jumeirah beach park is in Dubai Jumeirah which is approximately 20 kms from the city of Dubai. There is an entry fee of AED 7 per person. The Jumeirah beach one of the best beaches in Dubai, well maintained and managed by Dubai municipality.

    8. Is Jumeirah beach park and Jumeirah public beach same? 

    Yes, it is the same

    9. Is Dubai metro | Dubai S Bahn | Dubai underground | Dubai subway goes to Dubai Jumeirah beach public park?

    No… you may get down First gulf bank metro station take a taxi.

    10. Is Dubai metro | Dubai S Bahn | Dubai underground | Dubai subway goes to Dubai International airport Terminal 3.

    Yes, you can use Dubai REDLINE metro network which connects central Dubai and Dubai International airport?

    11.Dubai metro | Dubai S Bahn | Dubai underground | Dubai subway goes to Dubai Expo 2020|2021?

    Yes – the route 2020 the is an extension of the Dubai Metro Redline which connects to the Dubai expo 2020 venue.

    12. Is Dubai metro | Dubai S Bahn | Dubai underground | Dubai subway take you to Dubai fountains?

    Yes, you can use the central metro REDLINE and get down at the Burj Khalifa metro-station.

    13. Is Dubai metro | Dubai S Bahn | Dubai underground | Dubai subway take you to Terminal 2? Which Dubai metro | Dubai S Bahn | Dubai underground | Dubai subway go to Terminal 2?

    Yes, the Dubai Metro Green Line go to Dubai airport Terminal 2

    14. What is the entry fee at Dubai museum?

    Dubai Museum entry fee is AED 3 or approximately USD 1 per person.

    15. What is the entry ticket to go to Burj Al Arab?

    There are no separate entry fees to enter Burj Al Arab however one can gain access to the 7-star hotel in the world only if you book a meal or accommodation directly or through tour operator in Dubai.

    16. What is the climate in Dubai during the months of June, July, August, and September?

    The climate is Dubai is hot and humid with temperatures reaching 45-47 degree centigrade from June – September every year.


    1. Is Dubai’s new tallest tower – Dubai creek tower is open?


    No, the Dubai creek tower is under construction and expected to complete in 2021


    1. What is the height of the upcoming tallest tower in the world – the Dubai creek tower?


    The Dubai creek tower planned structure is to be 828 Mt with 210 floors, making it the tallest towers in the world.


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    On our trip to Dubai we choose ABC Tours. Dubai city Tour was really amazing experience and also our tour guide Whiskey was very informative about Dubai.