Desert Safari

Desert Safari

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Discover the Magic of the Red Dunes with Dubai Desert Safari Tours

When visiting Dubai no vacation is complete without visiting the desert. Though the city is developed to worlds one of the most advanced hi-tech city however our desert and its beauty is preserved to showcase to the world that the golden-coloured sand dunes are still existing. One must also say no visit to the desert is fulfilled without having experienced an Authentic Desert Dinner with Belly Dance. So embark on a captivating journey with the best desert safari operators in Dubai.

The typical Desert Dinner with Belly Dance will start off at your hotel where a dedicated driver will pick you up and drive you to the desert where he will modify his all-wheel drive jeep to safely start your safari through the desert. We are the best because our name remains among the top 10 desert safari operators in Dubai. While getting the thrill of skimming over the Sand Dunes, which can be compared with the excitement of a modern Roller coaster ride, Your group will occasionally stop to take pictures of your adventure. After this breathtaking experience, your caravan will lead you to a Bedouin camp where you will be greeted in the traditional Arab manner including Arabic coffee, Tea, and Dates to settle that first hunger.

In the meantime all preparations will be going on for the Desert Dinner with Belly Dance. While the charcoal fires and traditional ovens will be lit up to prepare the evening feast you can either relax by the fire or comfortably take a seat in the Arabic tents, equipped with carpets and pillows to ease your rest. The dinner will be a typical Arab BBQ consisting of a variety of meats and salads served by the fire to create an atmosphere. There will be a Tanura Dance Show and an Exotic Belly Dancer entertaining the evening. All these dances will be accompanied by the traditional rhythmic beats of unforgettable Arabian music, which will invite you to dance along under the star-filled sky next to the open fireplace. After the dinner, your driver will bring you back to your hotel with a settled appetite and a camera full of memories.