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Yacht Cruises & Dhow

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Embark on an enchanting Dhow Dinner Cruise - Dine under the stars!

Ever wondered how it is to sail with the ancient explorers from the tales of 1001 nights or question how the merchants transported their goods around the Persian Gulf? If yes then no vacation is complete without going on a Dhow Dinner Cruise.

A Dhow is the name for the traditional sailing vessels having one or numerous masts used throughout the Middle East since centuries to transport heavy items such as fruits, water, or other goods along the Arabian Peninsula. A Dhow Dinner Cruise will take you on a journey through time, telling you tales of Dubai when it was only one desert living off fishing and pearl diving. The cruise is the ideal way to spend that romantic night out away from the hectic of the city and will open your eyes to a whole new aspect of Dubai showing its lights and glamour from the deck of your Dhow.

The Dhow Dinner Cruise will transform you into the enchantment of the past without missing out on all the comfort and luxury of the present. The Dhows are built purposely for entertainment reasons suiting all the needs and demands of today’s travelers. The Dhows typically have an air-conditioned lower deck where the dinner will be served and an open aired sightseeing deck where you can feel the soothing breeze blowing over the water while watching the dazzling lights of Dubai’s skyline and sipping your fresh non-alcoholic cocktail before dinner.

The typical cruise will last for about 2 hours whereas for at least one hour dinner will be served. Throughout the entire cruise, there will be authentic Arabian music accompanying the travelers, or depending on the occasion a DJ can be ordered who will brighten up the air to a modern beat. In any case, the Dhow Dinner Cruise will be the highlight of anyone’s Dubai visit.