Burj al arab tour

Burj al arab tour

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Burj Al Arab Tour Dubai - Where Luxury Meets the Sky

What would Paris be without the Eiffel Tower, what would London be without the Tower Bridge, or New York without the Statue of Liberty? Without these landmarks, the cities would still be attractive but one of the tourist attractions would be missing. Exactly the same phenomena can be seen in Dubai. Dubai is full of attractions, but not one is more affiliated to Dubai than The Luxurious Landmark Hotel situated on its own private island the Burj Al Arab.

The island is man-made and located 280 meters off the shore of the beach connected with a highly secure bridge which also acts as a first security checkpoint to keep uninvited visitors out and secure the hotels guests with the highest privacy possible. Not everyone can afford to stay in one of the Burj’s 202-bedroom suites and not everyone will be satisfied by just glazing at the 321 m high building, which is the fourth tallest hotel in the world, from a distance.

The Burj Al Arabs design is to remind of an authentic merchant ship the Dhow, which has been used since ancient times throughout the Middle East to transport heavy items such as fruits, water, or other goods along the Arabian Peninsula. For those who were not fortunate enough to book a reservation and experience the luxurious service of the Burj Al Arab, special Burj Al Arab tours have been created.

The typical Burj Al Arab tours are designed to invite guests to dine in one of the hotels' restaurants and bars. The prices range from 150 USD to over 1000 USD depending on the service period or chosen menu and venue. Combined tours can also be organized where you will first visit one of the many attractions Dubai has to offer and then stop over to the Burj Al Arab for an unforgettable meal.